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Hello, I am Amarjeet Singh, the Webmaster for this site. I have created this site to address the many queries from Jagjitís fans. I have received many e-mails from fanís asking for the names of albums that had particular songs, or the lyrics of the songs. This gave me the idea for creating this site.

This site contains almost all of Jagjit Singhís albums. As you might imagine, getting the lyrics of each and every song of Jagjit Singh requires lots of time! I am sorry if you donít find the lyrics you are searching for, or the album that you are looking for. The reason is simple: there are many albums and some have duplicates i.e. an album with two names. If you donít find the particular album you are looking for in the site, please e-mail me the name & songs of the album and I will put it on the site acknowledging your name. Also, if you find any errors in the lyrics of any song please let me know and I will correct it, again acknowledging your help!

The most important thing that I would like to request is to please send me your feedback so that I can continually improve this site.

Amarjeet Singh
Email: webaster@jagjitsingh.imess.net

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